New Moon Yang to Yin Intensive with Amy Sullivan

Friday, April 6, 2018

7:15 PM - 9:15 PM

Down Under School of Yoga 306 Walnut Street, Newton, MA 02446

The Yang to Yin practice allows the practitioner to experience the totality of the yoga practice very much in the same way as the moon moves through its phases in a lunar month. From earth, because of the alignment of the sun, we see the moon grow into a thin crescent, to full circle, to shrinking back to thin crescent and then vanishes in the sky for a couple of days. When we can’t see the moon in the dark sky, it is the new moon phase. During this fertile time, we set intentions for what we want to bring more attention to or what we want to shine more light on. 


The yang to yin practice includes breath-centered movement, long intense holds of yin, long luxurious supportive holds of the restorative practice, deep body healing with Yoga Nidra and a time to journal and get clarity on setting intentions for a beautiful ending to winter and a new beginning of Spring. 

Cost: $30

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