Sunday September 2, 2017
1-2:30  PM 
South Boston Yoga
$35 ($40 Day of)

Prana For Love Event:

To help raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer 


Read Amy's article on Lucy's Love Bus in BostonYoga Magazine HERE 

Lucy’s Love Bus is a nonprofit organization that delivers comfort and quality of life to pediatric cancer patients in New England by providing funds for integrative therapy services, as well as engaging young people in activism and philanthropy through Lucy’s KidCorps™ program. These programs are the platform that brought Lucy’s spirit and wish into reality.

Lucy’s Children™ Integrative Therapies Program offers funding on an individual basis to children with cancer for integrative therapies in their home, at the hospital, or on hospice. These therapies include acupuncture, massage, yoga, swimming, horseback riding, and more. For these children who feel powerless in their fight with cancer and not many choices in their treatment, they finally get to choose how they can be part of their own healing. 

Read more about Lucy's Love Bus HERE 

“When you look at the sick children follow them to the place they can speak to you in. Notice their bodies are two things, love and illness, and help them remember the love and not the sickness. The Healing is [in] knowing who you were, not what you might be.”
- Lucy, age 12