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For In Person at

Hallowed Ground

Each Sunday 2:30-5pm

114 Washington St in Venice,CA


Full On Line Course Available!

 After purchase email Amy for Zoom Login. Full Chakra Series $250 for 6 2.5 hour sessions



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The body is a vehicle of consciousness. Energy, called Prana, moves through the physical body and the subtle body to produce different states of being. At the inner core of each of us, as part of our subtle body system, are seven swirling intersections of vital forces, called Chakras.


These vortexes are an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives. They are affected largely by repeated patterns from our actions in day-to-day life, as we are the center point of these actions. Knowing our own tendencies tells us what to watch out for and what to enhance. We will journey through the Subtle Body System and have an experiential exploration of all aspects of the chakra system to ensure that you have the knowledge, the tools and the wisdom to access when you are feeling out of balance. 

We will employ the elements of the universe – earth, water, fire, air, ether – as our inspiration for our Journey through the Chakras.


Each workshop will include slow flow movement, breathwork, restorative postures, meditation, journaling, gem stones and essential oils. We will use all modalities to peel away the layers of illusion and tension and seduce all the senses because together, the seven chakras form a profound formula for wholeness that integrates mind, body, spirit and soul. 

These workshops are designed to give you an overview, an experience, education and insight into how each of the chakras apply to your specific body, mind and soul journey. You will leave refreshed, renewed and inspired to take all that you have learned and integrate it into creating a ritual for your everyday life. 

For full integration of the chakras, it is recommended to do all workshops. They are progressive and designed to explore as a full series from beginning to end but you may drop into the series or choose to focus on one. 


Each workshop is unpacked below. 

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Starting with a breakdown of the Subtle Body System and an overview of the chakras and they relate to our wellbeing as a whole. Then will journey through all five elements, all seven chakras and get a little tease of what’s to come each month applying all aspects of yoga and meditation techniques to help deepen our experience. 

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The 1st Chakra is associated with the Element of Earth. We will lay the foundation by practicing grounding postures focusing on the hips and pelvis. Our meditation and breathwork will be grounding and stabilizing We will focus on energy that makes us feel secure and building trust within ourselves. You will leave feeling strong, centered and with tools to bring that safety into your everyday life. 

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The 2nd Chakra is associated with the Element of Water. This energy allows us to experience our soft, fluid and emotional side. This chakra can easily go out of balance because of its emotional and sexual qualities. Our physical practice, meditation and breathwork will be sweet, juicy and fluid. We will centralize on energy that gives us permission to be free and expressive. You will leave feeling open, creative and with tools to bring that sense of awe and enthusiasm back into our life.  

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The 3rd Chakra is associated with the Element of Fire. This energy forces us to look at our ego and all the obstacles that get in the way of being our authentic self. This practice is powerful, intense and transformational. This chakra is the home of our personal power and governs our self-esteem, our power to manifest and the warrior within. This practice will be challenging, intense, concentrating at our core and designed to strip away emotions related to anger and control. You will leave feeling self-confident, a strong sense of purpose and with rituals to bring harmony back into areas of your life that have gone out of balance. This practice wil be the most physically challenging of all the series. 

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The 4th and 5th Chakras are associated with the Element of Air. The fourth chakra governs the Heart inspiring qualities of self-love, compassion and forgiveness. The fifth chakra governs the Throat are for full expression of our unique and loving selves. Our physical practice will allow us to attune to the opening of the chest and frontal plane of the body, allowing us to feel vulnerable and free from feelings of betrayal, jealousy, grief and sadness. Our breathwork will focus on expanding our chest cavity to make space for more love and potential healing. We will hone in on energy that increases the flow of energy to the heart, allowing us to free any past blockages of pain or betrayal. You will leave with an expansive, open heart overflowing with love for yourself and others.

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The 6+7th Chakras are associated with the Element of Space. The sixth chakra governs the Third Eye, our intuitive center, which allows us to see things clearly and from all perspectives. The seventh chakra, known as the “thousand petal lotus” governs the crown of the head, giving us the gateway to a connection to the divine. These upper chakras are the most elusive dealing with the inner workings of the mind yet also closest to universal consciousness. Spending time and committing to meditation practices can have the potential to expand our spiritual awareness and thus changing our inner world can change our outer world. Our attention will be placed on creating an experience of divine connection with breathwork, meditation and Yoga Nidra. There will be practical applications on how to maintain a daily meditation practice. 

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