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Amy Sullivan 

THE EXPERIENCE is a transformational journey into oneself utilizing different styles of yoga, breathwork and meditation as a guide to fully experience a deep, beautiful and cathartic ride through all the layers of our subtle and physical being.

Set to candlelight and music, THE EXPERIENCE is a 90 minute or 2 hour themed class to move, to breathe, to feel, to honor and be still.

GROUNDING in presence as a preparation for all the layers of the experience to come.

BREATHWORK to cleanse and clear emotional patterns.

KUNDALINI KRIYAS to help move the energy through the pathways and direct the mind.

Challenging powerful SLOW FLOW VINYASA to release the stored up emotional tension that has manifested in the body.

EMBODIMENT to integrate all the layers.

RESTORATIVE to plant new seeds toward wholeness.

YOGA NIDRA to drink in the light and nourish the cells.

MEDITATION to open the doors of the heart and strengthen our connection to the divine. 


You get what you put in, just like life.


Fall in love with THE EXPERIENCE.





You ready to drop into

 The Experience? 

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