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Jess C

Boston, MA

“Amy is one of the very best yoga teachers I have ever met.  Her ability to lead creative and thoughtfully designed classes is just one of her many gifts.  What additionally makes her a diamond in the rough is her intuitive and transformative hands-on adjustments.  Whether in a challenging pose or savasana, she can always deepen your experience in an intelligent and supportive way.  Amy truly inspires...she is the perfect representation of strength and grace.” 

Jane G

Newton, MA

“Amy's classes are a delightful mixture of laughter, joyful movement and precise instruction. She has the rare ability to meet everyone exactly where they are and to encourage them to embrace who they are in that moment. But, most importantly, Amy teaches from the heart with compassion, honesty and vulnerability. Her ability to be truly present with the class creates a healing space for all.”


Boston, MA

“Amy is truly a gift to the yoga world. She speaks from the bottom of her heart and touches the hearts of everyone she comes into contact with. I met and connected with Amy during a time of my life where I needed a little perspective and extra love. She provided an incredibly safe and healing space for me at that moment and I am forever grateful. I hope that others can make the time to get on a mat in Amy's presence and allow her to be a part of your journey. You will be transformed.”


Sheri A

Boston, MA

“I have never been good at "letting go" in any aspect of my life.  After taking class with Amy for many years, I learned so much about practicing yoga, but also about myself.  Each time she would teach class, Amy would talk about something that always hit home with me; as if she was reading my mind.  I learned to understand that we cannot control every single thing that happens in life; that we are part of something much greater, and many times, the beauty is within the road getting to where you want to be.  I forever thank her for teaching me that.”




Newton, MA

"When I am in a class with Amy, I am in a space where I am free ~ free from stress, my thoughts and the outside world and this is why I practice yoga ~ to find that blissful escape. Yoga has made me a better woman, friend and wife. Amy Sullivan will not only transform your practice but she will set, without a doubt, an intention that you will carry off your mat and into your world. Her classes are thoughtful, insightful and built from truth. She embodies the lightness of a fairy and the soul of a goddess." 


Boston, MA

"I'm honored to be her student! She is on my list of things I appreciate in my life. She has helped me to discover more about myself through yoga. I love her! I love that I can connect to myself and accept who I am, its amazing how people and everything around us - the whole Universe is connected to each other. She is an amazing teacher with beautiful loving energy!" 


Northern California

“Amy Sullivan has not only inspired me to understand and deepen my practice as a yogi, but she has given me the ability and space to find strength throughout my everyday “life” practice. Amy offers a softness that is comforting even when she’s asking you test your limits. Her energy is a warm and welcoming knowledge. Amy not only lives yoga, she has a true passion and grace for giving yoga to others. On a physical level I walk away from Amy’s classes feeling revitalized. She has a way of subtly transporting you through vinyasa that allows you to arrive with a new-found freedom within. Amy’s knowledge in injury prevention and recovery is incredible. Her understanding and devotion to yoga through anatomy, history and culture is a priceless resource. I’m so thankful for Amy, as a teacher, a friend and a mentor.” 


Boston, MA


“Of the best yoga instructors I've practiced with, Amy brings so much more to a class than most. Using her array of talents and knowledge, not to mention her beautiful energy, Amy makes it a priority to go above and beyond to enhance the yoga experience on an individual level--be it with her instruction, hands, or voice--with her incorporation of various flow styles. You will even have fun! What Amy does best, however, is that she implements meditative techniques from beginning to end, elevating the experience to a level where you leave feeling much more fulfilled and at peace. She excels at teaching and sharing her passions and there is no doubt that she would be treasured wherever she goes. The world and life is better wherever she is teaching.” 


Huntington Beach, CA

“As a yogi, teacher, friend and fellow musician, Amy Sullivan “Sully” has helped me immensely in my journey through life. Through her guidance, music, love and safely-practiced teaching style, she just has a way of guiding you through the struggle. It was the first time I truly felt like I could let go and be present in my life. I am forever grateful to Amy and her beautiful soul.  She truly is an amazing, hardworking and incredibly humbled person and I‘m proud to call her my friend, teacher and “sistah.” You will enjoy and deepen your practice in whatever way you can with the help of an angel.”


Boston, MA

"My Yoga Practice has never been the same since the morning that she had subbed for my favorite teacher—she had me at Om. She led a meditation on gratitude that continues to resonate with me, many years later. I frequently draw from this powerful lesson and repeat the exercise in my own reflection, each time meditating with a smile. She has provided me with an honest example of the kind of yogi I want to be and thanks to her encouragement and guidance, I completed teacher training. Amy Sullivan saved my life by helping me learn me how to make the connection not only to my body and my mind, but also to my heart. I hear Sully call me “Buddha,” and it feels. Like. Home."


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