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"Amy lives her yoga. She has a true passion and grace for giving yoga to others. She offers a softness that is comforting even when she’s asking you test your limits. Her energy is a warm and welcoming knowledge. She has a way of subtly transporting you that allows you to arrive with a new-found freedom within. Amy’s knowledge in injury prevention and recovery is incredible. Her understanding and devotion to yoga through anatomy, history and culture is a priceless resource." Dani, NorCal

Welcome to Heart to Heart Yoga Therapy 






Heart to Heart Yoga Therapy 

Came from my roots of being a group class teacher, private yoga instructor, eternal student and curious seeker of love, connection and community. In all of my studies and in my teaching of yoga no matter how physical or alignment based - I always craved for the understanding of the energetic connection. I saw the way energy moved in a room, through people, the way the room felt before class, when people arrived with their bubbling frenetic Thank god I am here energy, how it shifted, and WHAT made it shift. Nothing makes me happier to be in service, be the conduit and the vehicle to that energy; the energy of the universe. I do not take my role lightly. It brings me so much joy to be the spark, the light and the reflection for people who work with me. 

"Amy Sullivan saved my life by helping me learn me how to make the connection not only to my body and my mind, but also to my heart." Ben, Boston, MA

Working Privately with Amy

I create a safe, learning and nurturing environment for my clients. I have worked with clients that have had cancer, spinal and joint injuries, depression, anxiety, heart break, alcoholism, addiction, anger issues, eating disorders, auto-immune disorders and many more. 


I have also worked with collegiate and professional athletes as well as celebrity and high profile clients. 

I am known for my compassion nature, my ability to inspire and build confidence regardless of one’s age or yoga experience.


My friend described me as "my sparkle meets my East Coast edge in the best way!" I couldn't agree more :). 


I rely on my empathic sense, my intuition, my knowledge, my studies, my mentor, my personal experience, my spiritual work, my desire to be of service and the structure of the Yoga Therapy practice which includes the Yoga Sutras in order to find the right rhythm and flow to empower you, to shift your energy, and improve the quality of your life.

It won't be easy but it will be worth it :) 

Full Description of Yoga Therapy and what to expect in a session HERE. 

To get started, book your session by emailing or by calling Amy at 617.283.3132.


Click NEW CLIENT TAB for new client intake forms, liabilities, policies and pricing. 



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