Private Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy








Private Yoga Sessions with Amy Sullivan are a synthesis of the precision of alignment, the dynamic flow of vinyasa interlaced with the healing benefits of Yoga Therapy. 


Who are they for?

  • Every level of students from beginner to advanced

  • Students who want to advance their practice or want new techniques to bring into their existing yoga practice

  • Beginners who want to learn fundamentals before they try a class

  • Anyone healing from an injury

  • Preparing or recovering from surgery

  • Those interested in therapeutic benefits of yoga and bringing holistic balance to one's life

  • Anyone with serious injuries that feel unsafe to go to public classes

  • Those who prefer private instruction over public classes

  • Couples or parent/child relationship to enhance their connection (not tantric :))


Amy is known for her compassion and ability to inspire and build confidence regardless of one’s age or yoga experience. She has a keen eye for precise alignment and provides hands-on adjustments that safe, healing and enhance your experience. 


Creating the Sacred Space: Amy offers innovative ways to enable private clients to continue to practice yoga while healing from a physical or emotional injury – creating a very safe, learning and nurturing environment. Amy has worked with clients that have had cancer, spinal and joint injuries, muscle sprains or tears, depression, anxiety, heart break and alcoholism. Amy has also worked with celebrity and high profile clients as well as collegiate and professional athletes. 


"Amy Sullivan saved my life by helping me learn me how to make the connection not only to my body and my mind, but also to my heart." Ben, Boston, MA


What is a private session like?

After the initial 90 minute intake session, each private lesson is 60 minutes and can be taught at the client’s home or office.  


Amy will create with you and for you, an individually tailored program based on your specific needs, goals and for healing/education on existing injuries. 


She will record sessions at your request so that you have support when you are not in session together so she's with you every step of the way. 


**Amy is also available through Skype and Facetime.**


With a decade of experience, Amy is empathetic and intuitive and will find the right rhythm and flow for you to improve the quality of your life.


To get started, book your session by emailing or by calling Amy at 617.283.3132.


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"Amy lives her yoga. She has a true passion and grace for giving yoga to others. She offers a softness that is comforting even when she’s asking you test your limits. Her energy is a warm and welcoming knowledge. She has a way of subtly transporting you that allows you to arrive with a new-found freedom within. Amy’s knowledge in injury prevention and recovery is incredible. Her understanding and devotion to yoga through anatomy, history and culture is a priceless resource." Dani, NorCal