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Yoga Alliance Certified

200 Hour  Teacher Training

 January - June 2017

 Food Dog Yoga, Petaluma, CA




“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Picasso

What's In it For You


        This 200 hour yoga teacher training program is ideal for aspiring teachers or students of yoga who want to deepen their physical practice, their experience and understanding of yoga.  


This training will prepare each student with a foundation of:


  • Begin the path to skilled, confident yoga teacher

  • Practical, the physical and the subtle energy

  • Roots and origins of yoga.

  • Alignment in asana

  • Yoga anatomy

  • Pranayama (breathing)

  • Smart safe sequencing building in stages 

  • Injury prevention

  • Instructional language

  • Subtle Body of the Energy Chakra System and their coordinating Element

  • How to teach to every level of practitioner

  • How to guide a meditation

  • Pre + Post Natal Yoga Guidelines for Group classes

  • Read anciant texts Yoga SutrasBhagavad Gita 

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga for children

  • Movements of Prana

  • Safe and stabilizing hands-on adjustments

  • how to move from your intuition and your authentic self 

  • Theme and learning the art of storytelling

  • How to integrating your own personal life experience

  • Serving as a guide for your students to create and hold space

  • Svadyaya: Self Study: Guide to knowing ourselves

  • Intro to Ayurveda

  • How to begin a home practice

  • How to cultivate a Daily Ayurvedic Ritual/Routine

  • Intro to Hindu Mythology + the Gods + Goddesses


Roots & Wings 200 HR Program


This yoga teacher training is designed to give you an introduction to all the important aspects of the path of the yogi. 


You'll have all the tools you need to walk confidently into teaching any kind of vinyasa class from your experience in the training, from the knowledge shared with you, from receiving compassionate feedback for your teaching and from watching and supporting the members of your trainee community.


It is an intimate program designed to be in a small group setting giving you the most personalized and individual attention. The journey of the yogi is a beautiful process and has the potential to be a transformational experience. 

Once accepted to the program, we are committed to beginning your journey of teaching yoga as well as helping you sustain it. Once graduated from Roots & Wings 200 hour program, you can attend weekends again at no cost to deepen your understanding or to reconnect to the tribe. Scroll down to see the breakdown of the weekends or what past trainees had to say about their experience.


Dive into yourself through this practical and inspirational exploration of the full spectrum of yoga. Journey ever deeper into the elemental systems of the body, mind and spirit. Gather the tools and the knowledge to not only practice, but to teach and spread your love for yoga.


Email Amy for questions here, or call 617.283.3132



Program Dates: 

Jan 12, 13, 14, 15 

Feb 2, 3, 4, 5

Mar 2, 3, 4, 5

Mar 30, 31, April 1, 2

April 27, 28, 29, 30 

May 11, 12, 13, 14 

June TBD @ TBD **Thurs 5-9, Fri 7-7, Sat 7-7 Sun 7-4**


Program Times: 

Thurs 5-9p

Fri 5-9p

Sat 9a-5p

Sun 9a-5p



  • Cost: $3100 for Training + $750 for Yoga Retreat=$3850.**Save $200 and Pay $3650 in Full by Dec 1st and get Early Bird Rate!!!!!*****

  • Includes: Cost of Teacher Training Manual and Course Material (Does not include required reading material/books)​​ and 

  • One weekend yoga retreat with 3 meals and luxury lodging​ at Ratna Ling Retreat Center

  • Picture and Bio 

  • One private session with Amy during training

  • Lifetime Mentorship with Amy

  • Free repeat attendance at future 200 Hour programs for all gradutates (at the trainers discretion)



  • Application and Deposit to reserve your spot: Every student must fill out an application and a phone/meeting with Amy is required before acceptance into the training. If you are accepted, the $500 deposit is non-refundable. If you are not accepted, your deposit will be refunded and you may re-apply. 

  • Experience: It is recommended that you have been practicing yoga for at least a year

  • Payment Plans: Will be offered at a $25 additional processing fee per month (for 7 months or until the tuition is paid in full). Each payment of $460 is due at the start of each training weekend. The cost of the retreat, $725 is due on Sept 8, 2016 so the first weekend payment will be $1185. 

  • Commitment: If you can not complete the program (for whatever reason) and you are on a payment plan, your credit card number, taken at the beginning of the program, will be charged the full cost of the tuition. You will sign a contract stating you will meet these deadlines. You are invited to come back into future trainings to finish your certification at a reduced cost and at the discretion of the trainers. We will always work with each person individually to find a way to support you completing the certification process. 

  • Makeup Hours: It is highly discouraged to miss any days but life happens. You cannot receive a certificate of completion if you miss more than 40 hours of the training. Material and omwork missed is the responsibility of the student. This will be an additional cost to you outside of program costs. For every full day missed, the student may take a 1 hour private make-up session to be scheduled with Amy. The cost of each 1 hour make-up session is $100/hr or can be shared with other students. 

  • Trainee Expectations and Training Completion Requirements:  Yoga Alliance Guidelines requires you to spend 180 contact hours with Amy Sullivan or approved faculty and 20 Hours of Non-Contact Hours​. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you are required to have paid the tuition in full, complete all "Omwork" Assignments, you must attend a minimum of 20 outside yoga classes, you must assist at least 5 classes from Amy or approved teacher, pass the final written exam, you have attended all of the weekend sessions or approved makeup hours. In addition, you and your fellow trainees will complete a Seva or Service Project where you volunteer your services. Attendance and payment of tuition alone does not guarantee students will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be done so by the trainer's discretion. 

       **Roots & Wings reserves the right to ask any student to leave the program if their behavior is inappropriate or unethical. Under            such circumstances, tuition will not be refunded. **





What to Expect each Weekend


First Weekend Immersion: Introduction and Overview of the Program.

Origins of Yoga

Eight Limbs of Yoga (one yama and niyama every weekend)

Introduction to a Different Style and Category of Yoga Each weekend

Intro to Energetic Anatomy; the Five Elements of the Universe;

the Seven Primary Chakras, the Five Vayus or Movements of Prana;

the Five Koshas or Layers


Second Weekend: Stabilizing and Grounding: Earth Element

Root Chakra; Apana Vayu; Annamaya 

Grounding + Restorative Asana (poses) + Breathing (pranayama)

Intro to Yin, Restorative + Iyengar

Anatomy: Hands, Arms, Feet and Legs, Hasta, Pada + Mula Bandha

Sequencing: First 15 min of Class

You will teach from the first day on to the last!


Third Weekend: Grace, Fluidity and Movement: Water Element

Second Chakra: Vyana Vayu; Pranamaya

Freedom, Creativity, Juiciness of Hip Opening and Standing Asanas

Intro to Prana Vinyasa; (moving in different ways within a pose) Paying Homage to my teacher Shiva Rea 

Sequencing: Namaskars

Anatomy: Pelvis, Muscles in the Hips

*Pre-Natal Yoga*


Fourth Weekend; Intensity, Transformation, CatalysticFire Element.

Third Chakra: Samana Vayu; Manomaya

Heating, transforming of Twisting and Arm Balancing Asanas

Intro to Heated Power Yoga

Sequencing: Core Building 

Anatomy of the Core stabilizing muscles; Lower Back; Uddiyana bandha (lock)

Building self-esteem, confidence and clarity in teaching

***Intro to Ayurveda will be covered in this session***


Fifth Weekend; Love, Acceptance + Compassion: Air Element

Fourth Chakra: Prana Vayu; Vijnanamaya

Heart Opening, Spine Rising; Backbending Asanas; Pranayama (breathing)

Intro to Loving Kindness Meditation: Metta

Sequencing: Main Body of the Class

Anatomy of Shoulder, Thoracic Spine and Respiratory 

*Teaching Yoga to Children*


Sixth Weekend: Sound, Light and Consciousness: Space/Ether Elements

5th, 6th + 7th Chakra: Udana Vayu: Anandamaya 

Inversions, Finishing asanas, Concentration (dharana) and Meditation (dhyana)

Intro to Kundalini Yoga

Sequencing: End of Class, Savasana 

Anatomy: Cervical Spine; Nervous System; Jalandhara Bandha


Final Weekend Immersion:

Celebration: Full Yoga Retreat

Immerse ourselves in all the elements of nature.

Teach a complete class to each other

Take Final Exam

Pictures, Bio, Business of Yoga, Marketing Skills

Closing Ceremony 


Check out Amy's Bio here






“Amy Sullivan has not only inspired me to understand and deepen my practice as a yogi, but she has given me the ability and space to find strength throughout my everyday “life” practice. Amy offers a softness that is comforting even when she’s asking you test your limits. Her energy is a warm and welcoming knowledge. Amy not only lives yoga, she has a true passion and grace for giving yoga to others. She has a way of subtly transporting you through vinyasa that allows you to arrive at the peak pose with a new-found freedom within. Amy’s knowledge in injury prevention and recovery is incredible. Her understanding and devotion to yoga through anatomy, history and culture is a priceless resource."



"This TT exceeded my expectations by a lot. Both in terms of the curriculum, the attention to detail and the thoroughness of the instruction as well as the love and nurturing we received on the farm - the yummy meals! I am inspired to share yoga with others and excited to be part of this incredible lineage and program." 



"Amy is wonderful, super thorough and dilligent. An incredible guide and teacher and a true teacher's teacher. A big difference and the best I have had so far, more thorough and attention to teaching others how to teach yoga and more thorough than some of my other master teachers."



"This training surpassed all my expectation. When I came into the program I was pretty raw and open and not sure what to expect but my expectations were beyond fulfilled. the integrity of this program, the heart, the setting, the structure, and especially the organization of the material was outstanding. The meals and the last weekend was epic. I am now inspired to learn more about chakras and Ayurveda."



"Amy is so organized, communicative, compassionate, patient, straightforward and a dedicated wealth of knowledge."



"Amy is funny and serious. She is inspring and filled with wisdom and knowledge. Her experience with yoga was so vast that it really helped me to trust in her guidance. I am in awe of her manifestations, connection to their path and commitment to her students." 



"When I read the description on the website of what was being offered, I hoped that I would be able to experience that but honestly seemed more than I could dream for. I am so grateful and blessed to have partaken in this experience. The love and devotion that Amy has put into this program shines through in every aspect."


Check out Nancy's testimonial: 

















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