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about ME

Hi I'm Amy. Some people call me Sully.

Thanks for visiting my page. I love what I do because everyday, I get to help people. The people that come to me have lost their power in some area of their life and I help them get it back. In most cases, they have lost belief in themselves. They lost the belief that they can recover from a big change or loss that they may not have had control of.

I help you to reveal the patterns that keep you from yourself.

I help you dig up what is already inside of you. 

I help you believe in yourself again.


Amy is an unusually talented and gifted teacher. In each and every session, she meets me where I am at and has an intuitive sense of what I need at that point to help me achieve greater states of balance and presence. Her toolbox of practices and techniques are enormous. I feel so grateful to have Amy in my life and have benefited greatly from working with her.” Rachel, Newton, MA

"Amy is who I go to when I need help connecting back to my big "S" self.  She is a twinkling star that helps guide me back towards my inner light when I start to drift off course into darkness.  Through her experience, knowledge and genuine care and attention, she has helped me to learn how to tap into my own intuition, to learn what it is that I need to feel strong, free, happy and healthy. She is my teacher, a guide in this lifetime, my yogi compass, and I am grateful to her and for her and the light that she so selflessly shares with the world." Renee, Brookline, MA


"First...let go of life, to fly toward a secret sky, to take a step without feet.

You were born with wings. Learn to use them and fly.” ― Rumi

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